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The Word: Gospel of John

Who is Jesus? Is He really God in flesh? What did He actually teach, and what does it mean to follow Him?

John paints an awesome picture of the Author and Perfector of our faith. 

New; Changing the Way You Change

When it comes to the New Year, it mostly likely sparks feelings of optimistic zeal or a stiff-arm avoidance to change. Exactly what does it mean to "be better," when we've been created in His image, cleansed of our iniquities, and given a deposit of the Holy Spirit to be made "new?" I mean, am I right? How does one strive to serve a perfect God when inevidably we will fail a thousand times over? 

In this series, we will walking through the difference between commiting to God, and surrendering to the process of sanctification. 

The Christmas Story

In this Christmas season, we are hearing the story of the Messiah's birth through the perspectives of five different individuals. 

Mission Statement

"We are a family being restored by Christ as we bear His image with joy in all we do." This is Restoration's mission statement. For this series, we are walking through each element with scripture to voice all who Restoration is and all we strive to be.

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