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    Editing My Prayers

    11.13.13 | by Aarron Schwartz

    How do professional photographers get such incredible shots?  Perfect color.  Perfect angles.  Perfect timing.  Our friends Katie and Heather are amazing photographers.  Both have done family shoots with us on different...

      Do You Have Spiritual Depth?

      09.18.13 | by Aarron Schwartz

      I cannot tell you how many times I have heard Christ followers bemoan a lack of depth in teaching or preaching.  It seems to be a constant theme as we equate knowledge with spiritual maturity.  The common thought is that to go...

        Why I Hate Yard Sales

        08.28.13 | by Aarron Schwartz

        My wife loves yard sales.  Back when we had cable, HGTV was her ESPN.  She loved watching the transformation of an abandoned foreclosure, or hoarder’s mess into a beautifully decorated home.  She was especially hooked on...

          Why Feast of Tabernacles?

          10.06.12 | by Aarron Schwartz

          It is interesting to me how little attention we pay to the seasons of life. While it is certainly easy to see the seasons of weather all around us, I believe we often think that a true healthy Christian should always been in some sort of...


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