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    3 Humble Suggestions to Overcoming Fear

    12.10.14 | by Aarron Schwartz

    So, I just finished a sermon series on facing your fears. It is strange to think how often Christ followers struggle with fear, considering He’s …you know, Sovereign and stuff. For many, a spirit of fear becomes the voice replacing...

      Stop Trying to Find Community

      10.30.14 | by Aarron Schwartz

      Man, I hate “team building” exercises. Remember “human knot?” Everyone grabs hands in the middle of a circle and you have to communicate with each other in order to come untied. Its an activity designed to help the members...

        3 Dangerous Myths of Evangelism

        05.28.14 | by Aarron Schwartz

        I stared at a plaque on the door of my new office that read “Minister of Evangelism.” This was my first full time staff position at a church, and I felt ill equipped.  It’s not because I had not been adequately trained or...


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